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Are you a Thought Lead or a Thought Peer? Henrik Andersson 13 Comments

Many of us has a title that is connected to what we do at work. Every now and then I come across titles that makes me wonder what it really means. This time it is one that has been around for some time now: Thought Lead, what does this mean? I would not be suprised […]

Don´t hustle my flag! Henrik Andersson 7 Comments

I´m sure you have heard it before. Everyone can test or Everyone does testing. Is that so? Is that really the case? Do you test just because you use a product? Do you test just because you stumble upon a bug? Do you test just because you can write some detailed step into a test […]

Do we all want black coffee? Henrik Andersson 10 Comments

We, testers, are we all alike? Looking back over the years I’ve been involved in testing, I would say I have met a whole bunch of different testers. Some shared my passion and fascination for testing, others were not testers they just happened to have the job title. However, I have always appreciated our craft […]