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There are no testers that are the best Martin Jansson 7 Comments

In a recent discussion with Henrik Andersson on Twitter regarding some consultancies being or claiming to be best at testing. Here is the initial conversation: Henrik: Dear consultant companies why are you calling yourself consultant when all you talk about are recourses and invoiced hours. Shame on you! Henrik: Many “consultant” companies claim to be […]

My First Ambitious Test Project Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

We all test as children; we are curious and want to find things out, before we are one year old we want to break things, and after three we ask “What If” questions. My first ambitious testing journey came many years later. Still a naive teenager, I started studying Philosophy at the university. It was […]

Emerging Topics at CAST 2011 Henrik Emilsson No Comments

Even if most of the program is set, there is still a chance for you to talk at CAST 2011. Matt Heusser and Pete Walen is running the Emerging Topics session: If you would like to speak at CAST 2011, you still have the option of proposing a twenty-minute emerging topics session. (Emerging topics are anything […]

Roleplaying your test scenarios Martin Jansson No Comments

Many of you have played roleplaying games/storytelling games or at least heard of them. In those games you have a gamemaster/storyteller, who arranges scenes or scenarios that the players act in. He does not control what each player does nor how he/she should interact with others. Each player usually plays a role/character that has a […]

Developers, let the testers assist with the technical debt Martin Jansson 4 Comments

Shipping first time code is like going into debt. A little debt speeds development so long as it is paid back promptly with a rewrite. Objects make the cost of this transaction tolerable. The danger occurs when the debt is not repaid. Every minute spent on not-quite-right code counts as interest on that debt. Entire […]

The Helpful Model Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Here is neat story I told to Michael Bolton, Martin Jansson and Markus Gärtner when we were exploring the Metro in Copenhagen, during the coldest days the city had experienced since they started measure the temperature. I promised to blog about it… Let me begin with some background information. A couple of years ago I […]

Book Review: Exploring Requirements Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design is an excellent book written by Donald C. Gause and Gerald M. Weinberg. It is primarily about requirements, but it is an excellent read for everyone involved in doing something that hasn’t been done before. As a software tester, it highlights, and helps, my own problems with understanding all important […]

Stories from EuroSTAR TestLab 2010 the test eye 4 Comments

Monday Henrik started his journey by car from Karlstad and went down to Gothenburg to join with Martin. Both of us were going to take the train down to Copenhagen. Not surprisingly there were delays and the train was cancelled… Instead we headed back to Martin’s house and loaded Henrik’s car and took off. After […]

Notes from EuroSTAR 2010 Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

EuroSTAR 2010 took place during the coldest Copenhagen November in 140 years. Being a program committee member it was a bit different, but not a lot; I met a lot of interesting people, spent too little time in the test lab, and listened to thought-worthy presentations (+ 11 Danish Alliance Lightning Talks.) The theme was […]

Turning the tide of bad testing Martin Jansson 7 Comments

Social psychologists and police officers tend to agree that if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. This is as true in nice neighborhoods as in run-down ones. Window-breaking does not necessarily occur on a large scale because some areas are […]


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