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Rapid Software Testing Course Martin Jansson 3 Comments

I’ve just gone through a three day course in Rapid Software Testing (RST) run by James Bach. This is the first time I’ve seen him in person. I’ve previously seen his responses and discussion from the yahoo group software-testing. I’ve seen the presentation on RST by Michael Bolton and I think either of them would […]

Pair testing is the solution to everything Martin Jansson No Comments

Actually not, but still it is a must if you have not tried it. Combine it with exploratory testing techniques and you will be effective and have a good time. One person explores and tests while the other documents, interacts and questions. Documenter: * Write down one-liner or at least short blocks of text for […]

The Superstitious Bug Reporters Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

I have a friend that proof-reads every bug report before reporting; “otherwise there will be spelling errors”, she says. I have a friend that always reproduces the bug before reporting it, at least four times. I have friends that always ask “Bug or Feature?” or “One or two bugs?” when they are uncertain. I have […]


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