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Decisions around the product release – part 3 Martin Jansson 2 Comments

What is essence of the discussion on release team/showstopper meetings? I am assuming that there is a meeting. I’ve been to many different kinds of showstopper meetings and most companies handle them differently. One important item on the agenda for the meeting is usually the bugs that are found late in the project, thus at […]

Decisions around the product release – part 1 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Who makes the decision that the product is ready for release? There are many different cases of this situation, here are a few examples. In some companies it is the QA department that makes this decision. This means that it is QA that takes the risk for the release. It also means that if something […]

The hero of the workplace – the indispensible worker Martin Jansson 7 Comments

The indispensible worker is the one who always saves the day by touching the program by giving some magic input in order for it to work. He will quickly get the work done and make the customer happy. Upper management will see him as the perfect employee, but many co-workers will think differently. In the […]

Resource planning in a flexible test team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

How many should be employed? The quick answer is as many employees that are needed to call the team flexible, but it is not as simple a that. In order to get resources for the team, the team leader usually need to prove he/she needs resources at a certain time. Since the team tries to […]

The flexible testing team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Introduction The flexible testing team is one way of organising the testing team. It will not be the optimal in all situations and it might not fit all organisations or companies. It might not even be possible to fulfill this because of management issues. In any case, this is one way of looking at it […]