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How do you go about testing? Martin Jansson 1 Comment

A project manager, that had no knowledge about testing whatsoever, asked me how he should go about testing? The question was vague since he did not know where to start. I wrote him a quick email listing a few things to consider: Create a list of all use cases. For each use case consider possible […]

Resource planning in a flexible test team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

How many should be employed? The quick answer is as many employees that are needed to call the team flexible, but it is not as simple a that. In order to get resources for the team, the team leader usually need to prove he/she needs resources at a certain time. Since the team tries to […]

The flexible testing team Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Introduction The flexible testing team is one way of organising the testing team. It will not be the optimal in all situations and it might not fit all organisations or companies. It might not even be possible to fulfill this because of management issues. In any case, this is one way of looking at it […]

BCM – Basic Configuration Matrix Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

The variety of configurations (operating system, browser, language etc.) can look overwhelming; and it is impossible to test all possible configurations for Servers and Clients. On the other hand there are certain platforms that are more probable to uncover defects. This is just common sense, but I haven’t seen any terminology for handling this in […]

Pair testing is the solution to everything Martin Jansson No Comments

Actually not, but still it is a must if you have not tried it. Combine it with exploratory testing techniques and you will be effective and have a good time. One person explores and tests while the other documents, interacts and questions. Documenter: * Write down one-liner or at least short blocks of text for […]

Risks in Agile projects Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Agile development methods are becoming a more popular way of producing software in contrast to traditional project processes. This has affected the testing profession in many ways, which has given us both benefits and new challenges. In a way, agile development methods can be seen as a reaction to a couple of traditional project risks. […]

Tool site – Windows Sysinternals Henrik Emilsson No Comments

I would like to remind you all about the Sysinternals tool site, which now reside on Microsoft Technet, and is called Windows Sysinternals. Old favourites like RegMon and FileMon can be found here; so also the new gems PsTools, Process Explorer and Strings. Great tools for testers on Windows platforms!

Anything revolutionary happening with the status reports? Martin Jansson 7 Comments

I seldom see discussion about our status reports. I refer to the reports that we write for the release, iteration, build and so on. There are several templates and standards out on the internet but I have not read any ground breaking updates in that area for a long time. Many might see the status […]