Pair testing is the solution to everything Martin Jansson

Actually not, but still it is a must if you have not tried it.

Combine it with exploratory testing techniques and you will be effective and have a good time. One person explores and tests while the other documents, interacts and questions.

* Write down one-liner or at least short blocks of text for each bug found in a document. When time permits report bug in the bug system.
* Categorise the bugs found.
* While documenting you will often come up with new ideas. Just tell the tester directly or make a switch!

* Follow the normal principals of exploratory testing.
* Talk with with your documenter each time you find something interesting, keep your focus on testing and exploring.

Now and then switch places so that you can rest your mind from exploring. It is a lot of fun to test together. If you cannot do it at all times, try it at least once. You will learn from each other. There are lots of articles on pair testing, read them and see what else you can do.

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