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Decisions around the product release – part 3 Martin Jansson 2 Comments

What is essence of the discussion on release team/showstopper meetings? I am assuming that there is a meeting. I’ve been to many different kinds of showstopper meetings and most companies handle them differently. One important item on the agenda for the meeting is usually the bugs that are found late in the project, thus at […]

Addicted to testing Martin Jansson No Comments

The first build has been delayed. I was able to test a bit on the last support issue, but it was just a quick one and it was a few weeks ago. I’ve nothing to report bugs on. Should I enter some bugs into the code myself just to quelch my thirst? Should I test some other […]

Impeccable bug taste? Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

It cannot be exactly defined what a bug is, or how it should be reported. And each tester, developer, project manager has her own way of writing, thinking about and handling bugs. I like to think of this as taste. Do you prefer having all details in a bug report, or only including what […]

Decisions around the product release – part 2 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

How is information handled around the decisions for the product release? There are many different situations around this, the following is what I’ve experienced and my tips and tricks. In many cases there is no information available or rather it is not presented to the decision makers. It also common that the information is not […]

Decisions around the product release – part 1 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Who makes the decision that the product is ready for release? There are many different cases of this situation, here are a few examples. In some companies it is the QA department that makes this decision. This means that it is QA that takes the risk for the release. It also means that if something […]