More and Better Test Ideas Rikard Edgren

At EuroSTAR 2009 I will present “More and Better Test Ideas“; the main idea being that testers could generate many different types of test ideas, and communicate them in a condensed one-liner format.
If you have great tips on how to come up with really good test ideas, or want to review the paper I’m about to write, let me know.


Martin Jansson June 18th, 2009

One big challenge around these test ideas is how to incorporate them in our daily work. I’ve tested several different methods around this and it can be hard to avoid redundant documentation. Transfering test ideas or refering to them from a test case can lead to that the tester must cross-reference continuously and slow down his work.

The best environment so far has been when using a wiki for these test ideas, where you do not refer to individual test ideas but instead whole sections. This means that the section can continually grow and change.

I guess this could be a separate paper. It is better to just start working on them instead of getting stuck in how to structure them.

Rikard Edgren June 24th, 2009

Wiki is probably a good thing for things like this (I normally “own” my test ideas, so I use Word.)
Another difficulty I believe is how to make sure you get feedback. Some people like the format (one-liners) better than others.