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Vancouver 2010 Biathlon Software Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

As a Swede, the winter Olympics are fun to watch. Most sports aren’t spread across the globe, so we have chances for medals. One of the most exciting events are the Biathlon, and perhaps it was a reaction to disappointing results for the Swedish ladies, but I got really upset at the software: The numbers […]

Session-based testing as a foundation for test activities Martin Jansson No Comments

Session based testing is most often discussed in combination with exploratory testing. The idea is to make exploratory testing more structured by using it, as James Bach expresses it. I like the whole concept about testing in sessions, thus breaking the day into chunks of work. Considering that you know that there is an infinite set of […]

More Definitions of Quality Rikard Edgren 12 Comments

I grew up in a small “town” in Värmland. Outside the village, most people live in isolated houses/farms on the countryside or in the woods. If you’d ask one of these persons what quality is, they would answer: dä ä väl att fôlk töcker att dä ä bra (guess it’s that people like it) This […]

Are there any passionate script testers? Martin Jansson 10 Comments

When looking for personel in general it is common that we want passionate people who love their work. Most passionate testers that I read about are usually part of the context-driven movement. Can there be testers out there that are really passionate about how they work in the heavy scripted test environment, where someone else […]

Chess & Testing Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

Analogies are helpful, not because they come with truths, but because they can help you highlight and think in different ways about the phenomena you are comparing with. I think you can pick any subject you know a lot about, and after some thinking, interesting things will emerge. The important moments If two chess players […]