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Teaching testing: scripted vs exploratory testing Martin Jansson No Comments

Let us assume you are a test lead and you have a group of testers. Some are totally new to the profession and some are old and experienced. In the scripted test environment you might setup a test matrix, plan test cases and allocate them among the testers. Some of the testers might have been […]

The Testing vs. Checking Paradox Henrik Emilsson 21 Comments

If you haven’t read the excellent articles by Michael Bolton regarding Testing vs. Checking yet, now is a good time to do it: Done? One thing that struck me with this is that the more testing you do will result in less testing and more checking. I.e., the more you test, the more […]

The Boundaries of System Testing Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Over the years I have noticed that System Testing have had a special meaning at every place I have been at; and it has even meant different things for people on the same place. I.e. System Testing is depending on the context; and it is fuzzy because we are dealing with arbitrary and/or general systems. […]

Turns out I’m not a context-driven tester… Rikard Edgren 8 Comments

In many years I have loved most of what is written by the people behind the context-driven school of testing. But I have also felt that there is something that isn’t a perfect match. For a time I thought it was because I saw a few different tries to push people to different schools – […]

Systems outside the testing radar Martin Jansson 3 Comments

When is a system small, non-complex or unprioritzed enough not to be tested? If there is a test organisation working on the bigger system that will be released to customer, what happens to the other smaller systems then? Is it so that they are almost always left untested? I usually identify these as applications that are created by one […]

Rage against the machine Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

As a user of Facebook I feel really helpless when nothing works as it should (as was the case with the latest GUI-update). Posts were stochastically shown in the feed and a lot of errors occurred in various situations. A lot (all?) of my friends on Facebook experienced the same problems. When there are lots […]