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EuroSTAR Test Lab Apprentices Henrik Emilsson 7 Comments

Last week, me and Martin won the competition “The EuroSTAR Test Lab Apprentices”! Read more at: See you in the Test Lab in Copenhagen! Cheers, Henrik & Martin

An analysis of Session-based test management Martin Jansson 2 Comments

There are many good articles and reviews on how Session-based test management (SBTM) is used out in the field, see some of the references below. I’m going to try to analyse what I’ve experienced so far with Session-based test management. If you are new to these concepts please see reference [1] and [2] below to […]

A Hot Model That Excites Me Torbjörn Ryber 7 Comments

When I meet testers I often ask what test design techniques they use on a regular basis. I am really curious which of the techniques that I know of that they use and I am always looking for new material. I have taught test design classes to maybe a thousand people over the years and […]

The List Is Not Enough Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

If you just do what’s on the list of things to do, I think you can accomplish decent things, but nothing great. I don’t dare saying this is a general truth for everybody creating something new, so let’s focus on software development. There are many management models, and many of them boils down to something […]

Lightweight Usability Testing Rikard Edgren 14 Comments

Usability is an important part of any product (if it’s too difficult to use, it  doesn’t matter how great the functionality is) and thereby an important characteristic for the testing team. But when reading about usability testing, it often involves an outside person trying to use a feature for the first time. Now this is […]

What makes you stay as a tester? Martin Jansson 3 Comments

I believe that as a tester you do not value the same things as someone with a different role in the organisation. Each individual most certainly value different things, but I think there are some specific traits of the organisation that triggers a tester to stay or seek new employments. As a test consultant you […]

Testing Clichés Part IV – We can’t find all (important) bugs Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

It’s a truth that we can’t find all bugs, but is it really a truth that we can’t find all important bugs? And it’s a cliche when used as answer to the (sincere) “why didn’t you find that bug?” question. Testers are paid to find important information about what they are testing, and included are […]