Creativity in The Testing Planet Rikard Edgren

I have written a small article for The Testing Planet about Testing & Creativity. (update: web article here)
It contains the potato from this blog, but also some new content on “cheating”.
Feel free to add comments here!

I think creativity still is too little recognized as an important aspect of our work.
We should promote it more, both because it is a vital aspect, but also to make the profession more interesting to the next generations.

There are (at least) two upcoming presentations on creativity in software testing:
Rob Lambert – Is excessive structure killing our creativity, blog, video, program.
Rikard Edgren – 5 Steg Till Kreativ Testning, SAST 15 år (a Swedish version 2 of EuroSTAR 2007 presentation Where Testing Creativity Grows)

There are a lot of other content in The Testing Planet paper, my favorite being a compelling story from Scott Barber on the publically available Black Box Software Testing course at

Rosie August 13th, 2010

Hey, thanks for pointing towards your article 🙂

We recently launched a dedicated website for The Testing Planet –

You’ve even got a page of all your content, maybe this will grow over time 🙂

Rikard Edgren August 15th, 2010

A web site is nice.
Let’s hope for a lot of comments, suggestions and criticism.