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Discussion around the content of a test proposal Martin Jansson 8 Comments

This is a follow-up on a previous post about Rapid Test Preparation. Some of the commenter’s asked for an example; I’ve tried to go half-way at least. Added some new sections based on some good feedback from Henrik Emilsson. Test Proposal – <area> See the test proposal as a work in progress document to enhance […]

SWET1 fragments the test eye 8 Comments

The delegates of the first Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing were: Torbjörn Ryber, Simon Morley, Christin Wiedemann, Petter Mattsson, Anders Claesson, Oscar Cosmo, Johan Hoberg, Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, Martin Jansson, Ann Flismark, Henrik Andersson, Michael Albrecht, Johan Jonasson, James Bach. This write-up surely contains mistakes and important omissions, and it might be too heavy […]

Scripted Testing: Filling out templates Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

I saw an interesting interview with Rob Sabourin today  (Thanks for the tip, Jon Bach!) One thing he says in this video is: “… There are a lot of template junkies out there. [Testers are]  filling out templates and not actually testing. That frustrates testers…” Hey, isn’t this the same thing that happens in strictly scripted testing […]

The Crashing Paper Airplane Heuristic Henrik Emilsson 2 Comments

I thought of this the other day when rethinking a situation that was described in the experience report from Petter Mattson on “Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing” (SWET1). Let’s say that you have 100 Paper Airplane builders in your team. They all follow scripted instructions on how to fold a paper in order to create […]

Rapid Test Preparation Martin Jansson 9 Comments

At many bigger companies where you have several teams working with the same test scope there is often a need to communicate how you intend to test something and what areas you intend to cover. It is common that you have a test plan and perhaps a test strategy, they usually do not go into […]