(Un)Common Testing Insights? Rikard Edgren

Over the years, one has read quite some text about software testing.
Some things have (from various sources and experiences) become clear for me, and I’m surprised when seeing articles/presentations that don’t acknowledge these insights.
These “truths” are now and then implicitly disregarded:

* Requirements don’t include all important information
* Testing includes more than verifying explicit requirements
* Testing is only partly about measuring and verification
* Any tester can perform non-functional testing (to some degree)
* Non-functional testing is efficient to perform at the same time as integration/system testing
* Metrics (measurement + value) are dangerous
* Quantitative numbers omit important information from the qualitative results
* Subjectivity is something good
* Code coverage has little meaning
* Test automation is primarily for regression testing, which often isn’t the biggest part of the testing challenge
* Software development & testing is complex, and analogies from manufacturing are not good
* Testers should collaborate with developers and others
* We don’t have complete knowledge, so exploring is necessary

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Joe December 13th, 2010

“Any tester can perform non-functional testing (to some degree)”

You are wrong. Some testers cannot perform non-functional testing to any reasonable degree.

Rikard Edgren December 13th, 2010

Good point.
Most testers can – if they want and learn a few things – perform non-functional testing (to some degree)