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There are no testers that are the best Martin Jansson 7 Comments

In a recent discussion with Henrik Andersson on Twitter regarding some consultancies being or claiming to be best at testing. Here is the initial conversation: Henrik: Dear consultant companies why are you calling yourself consultant when all you talk about are recourses and invoiced hours. Shame on you! Henrik: Many “consultant” companies claim to be […]

My First Ambitious Test Project Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

We all test as children; we are curious and want to find things out, before we are one year old we want to break things, and after three we ask “What If” questions. My first ambitious testing journey came many years later. Still a naive teenager, I started studying Philosophy at the university. It was […]

fast and frugal tree for product importance Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Software testing is difficult because there are so many possibilities; not only all functions and their interactions and attributes, but also possbible users’ data, needs, environments and feelings. Good software testing need to deliberately sample, and understand what is important. This understanding that evolves over time give testers an intuition about which tests to run, […]

Multiple Information Sources Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

When I wrote blog post The Complete List of Testing Inspiration, I didn’t think so much about many testing efforts being totally based on requirements and specifications. I took for granted that we know that requirements are incomplete and wrong, and that we should learn from many places. But when reading a good book such […]

Emerging Topics at CAST 2011 Henrik Emilsson No Comments

Even if most of the program is set, there is still a chance for you to talk at CAST 2011. Matt Heusser and Pete Walen is running the Emerging Topics session: If you would like to speak at CAST 2011, you still have the option of proposing a twenty-minute emerging topics session. (Emerging topics are anything […]