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What is important? Rikard Edgren 8 Comments

How do you find out what is important, in your specific situation? I think it is the essential problem for all activities with complexity. I think it is impossible to do really good software testing without the ability to dismiss things as not important, and dig deeper for matters that are important (I believe it’s […]

Bug Magnets are thinking as criminals Henrik Emilsson 8 Comments

I know of some testers who are pointed out by others to be Bug Magnets; people recognized for their ability to somehow draw bugs to them. Bug Magnets can be found in many workplaces and I bet that you know of someone that falls under this description. I have been appointed a Bug Magnet by […]

The Metrics Tumour Rikard Edgren No Comments

quantitative numbers in a world of qualitative feelings I am not against measurements in general, they can surely be useful. I use length when building things, weight for baking, time for appointments etc. I often use numbers for various things in my bug reports. But metrics are something different; metrics are measurement plus value. “Should […]