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The First Bug Martin Jansson 2 Comments

Last week I entered the first bug in a bug system for a new service that I just started to work on. Me and my team spent quite some time in getting it right, setting the standard for bugs to come. If the first bug is crappy, the rest can be as well. We considered […]

Open Source Testing – RedNotebook Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

In Julian Harty’s keynote Open Sourcing Testing at Let’s Test conference, RedNotebook (together with Sikuli and CiviCRM) was suggested as an open source project where ambitious testers could collaborate and share their testing efforts and results. I have done a small start by contacting the RedNotebook team (they are interested in bugs and enhancements, especially in the […]

A Let’s TestLab Story Martin Jansson 8 Comments

Preparation The hardware setup of the testlab was 1 server and 4 laptops brought by Compare TestLab, 5 laptops by Adecco IT Konsult and finally 2 laptops brought by James Lyndsay. Many participants brought their own laptops. Before the conference I worked some on setting up a wiki, bug system etc. I tried to find a […]

Let’s TestLab concepts Martin Jansson 1 Comment

On 7-9 May the Let’s Test Conference will take place. During the day there will be lots of interesting tutorials, keynotes and sessions. During the evening the events will continue. One of these activities is the Testlab, that we call Let’s TestLab. Initially I misunderstood Henrik Emilsson when we started to organise the lab. I […]