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Thoughts from SWET2 Torbjörn Ryber 14 Comments

Once again I have spent the weekend with members of the cream of Swedish testers. This time The Test Eye trio consisting of Henrik Emilsson, Martin Jansson and Rikard Edgren were the hosts. The theme was Exploratory Testing and Planning and we managed to keep the discussions within that scope most of the scheduled sessions. […]

Book review: The Black Swan Torbjörn Ryber 4 Comments

The Black Swan, The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb Eyafjallajukull started to spew out tons of ashes in the sky. Air Traffic over Europe was severely hindered and stopped totally for a number of days. This is a perfect example of a Black Swan Event. What we call here a Black […]

A Hot Model That Excites Me Torbjörn Ryber 7 Comments

When I meet testers I often ask what test design techniques they use on a regular basis. I am really curious which of the techniques that I know of that they use and I am always looking for new material. I have taught test design classes to maybe a thousand people over the years and […]

Creating a Test Management Super Class Torbjörn Ryber 7 Comments

First of all. I am honored to be invited as a guest writer at the testeye! I will start my contribution by asking for your assistance. In the next year I have been asked to give a couple of classes for test managers that are fairly new in their role. I have been looking through […]