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Testing Examples Rikard Edgren 8 Comments

I believe we need a lot more examples of software testing. They will be key in transferring tacit knowledge (they will not be all that is required, but an important part.) They work best when done live, so you can discuss, but that doesn’t scale very well. So I have created a few examples in […]

On ISO 29119 Content Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

Background The first three parts of ISO 29119 were released in 2013. I was very skeptic, but also interested, so I grabbed an opportunity to teach the basics of the standard, so it would cover the costs of the standard. I read it properly, and although I am biased against the standard I did a […]

ISO 29119 – a benevolent start Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

When I test software I try to start friendly, to see the good things about the system, and to not focus too much on problems, that might not be important for the whole. So I did this for the new ISO 29119 testing standard, where I have read the three parts that were published September […]

Translations of Quality Characteristics the test eye 7 Comments

To our delight,, Software Quality Characteristics have been translated to five languages. Not only have these people created more words describing aspects of quality, they have also developed their own understanding. Dutch – Software Kwaliteits Kenmerken (Huib Schoots, Ruud Cox, Ray Oei, Zeger van Hese, Jean-Paul Varwijk, Jeanne Hofmans) Polish – Charakterystyki jakości oprogramowania (Radosław […]

Double testing – converging or diverging models in testing Martin Jansson 6 Comments

I have experienced that many test leads, managers and project managers are worried about something called double testing. In short, it is the idea that some tester is testing the same thing as another tester. The term double testing might be a local term, but then you know it by another name with same properties […]

Experience report EuroSTAR Testlab 2012 Martin Jansson 1 Comment

Setup Bart Knaack had done a wonderful job in setting up and organizing the testlab. He had done this by himself. So most credit to him for taking on most of the initial work and planning. Me, Ru Cindrea and Kristoffer Ankarberg focused on keeping the lab up and running as well as taking care […]

37 Sources now in Swedish the test eye 4 Comments

We have now finalized the Swedish translation of 37 Sources for Test Ideas. Neither the translation nor the original is perfect, but we think they can be useful to many. If you are interested in translating 37 Sources, or Software Quality Characteristics (Swedish version), let us know. Cheers, Henrik, Martin & Rikard

The First Bug Martin Jansson 2 Comments

Last week I entered the first bug in a bug system for a new service that I just started to work on. Me and my team spent quite some time in getting it right, setting the standard for bugs to come. If the first bug is crappy, the rest can be as well. We considered […]

Let’s TestLab concepts Martin Jansson 1 Comment

On 7-9 May the Let’s Test Conference will take place. During the day there will be lots of interesting tutorials, keynotes and sessions. During the evening the events will continue. One of these activities is the Testlab, that we call Let’s TestLab. Initially I misunderstood Henrik Emilsson when we started to organise the lab. I […]

Critique of Test Design Axioms in The Tester’s Pocketbook Rikard Edgren No Comments

The Tester’s Pocketbook by Paul Gerrard is not a great book, but it is very good. It covers fundamentals of software testing, and contains a ton of good ideas that will help you in your testing effort. I also like it because it is one of few books on testing theory that focus on the […]