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Bug Title Crash Course Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

If you want to seriously improve your bug reporting skills, read up, or take, the BBST Bug Advocacy course. If you want to start by improving bug report title/subject/summary; read Lessons Learned in Software Testing, no, 83, or this blog post. Many people will only read the title, so it is important to make it […]

Who does the pinpointing? Martin Jansson 4 Comments

Jerry Weinberg has, in his book “Perfect Software and other illusions about testing”, expressed a very important observation, namely who is responsible for pinpointing the bug. The tester finds the bug, tries to reproduce it, then adds as much information that he/she has such as log files, configurations, test data and so on. When you estimate time for testing […]

The impact of a good or bad bug report Martin Jansson 4 Comments

You are on a quite large company where there are several QA divisions, several layers of management, several listeners to each step of the development process. It is the final weeks of the release. You are about to enter a bug which seem serious but you are not sure. You can take at least two paths […]