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Exploratory Testing – the learning part Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

Let me begin by a quote from T.S. Eliot: We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. One of the most important things with Exploratory Testing is that it allows for you to learn something […]

Creativity in The Testing Planet Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

I have written a small article for The Testing Planet about Testing & Creativity. (update: web article here) It contains the potato from this blog, but also some new content on “cheating”. Feel free to add comments here! I think creativity still is too little recognized as an important aspect of our work. We should […]

Grounded Test Design Rikard Edgren 9 Comments

For quite some time I have felt that the classic test design techniques don’t add up to the needs of software testing that tries to find most of the important information. At EuroSTAR 2009 it dawned on me that it is time to describe the method that I, and many, many others, have been using […]

TEST IDEA TRIGGERS Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

When you come up with a new test idea, you are using your knowledge and experience, but there is also some sort of stimuli that triggers the idea. Something you see, hear, understand or think about. You seldom think in totally new ways, you rather combine things in a new way. These are my favorite […]

More and Better Test Ideas Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

At EuroSTAR 2009 I will present “More and Better Test Ideas“; the main idea being that testers could generate many different types of test ideas, and communicate them in a condensed one-liner format. If you have great tips on how to come up with really good test ideas, or want to review the paper I’m […]

Notes from Øredev 2008 Rikard Edgren No Comments

I spent one day at Øredev 2008 ( since they invited me to give the Where Testing Creativity Grows ( presentation. I arrived ten minutes after the start of James Bach’s keynote The Renaissance Thinker, where he argued that 1972 (Chapel Hill) ruined good software testing. People started focusing too much on templates, processes, best […]

Professional creativity = a conscious way to step out of your consciousness. Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Being creative is hard when your consciousness is turned on. Why? Because your consciousness is an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself in your situation. It is a filter, that not only filter out mostly of the incoming information, but also tries to only deal with information that is important in […]