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The Inquisitive Tester – Part II: Question the specs the test eye No Comments

Statements in specifications try to clarify and are inevitably an interpretation of what the author thinks need to be more specific. I.e., they try to be a more specific model than what existed before the spec. And “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful” ( Every specification you encounter is persons’ interpretations, and  […]

Seven Categories of Requirements Rikard Edgren 9 Comments

I like to use categorizations to structure my understanding of a subject; and after the simplifications are made and I think I understand it well; the structures can be ripped apart, and you get a bit less confused by the complexity of reality. There are many forms of requirements, these are some a tester should […]

The Inquisitive Tester – Part I: Question the tests the test eye 4 Comments

In order to become a successful inquisitive tester, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your skills beyond the more common quest to “question a product”. One important thing is to question the tests themselves. ——————– Have you ever run tests and wondered if they were really necessary, perhaps knowing that the tests […]