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Complete Testing Risk Reduction with Bohr-Steinlager-Stumpf Quantization Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Suppose you have a risk assessment fully agreed by stakeholders, and their relatives. Create a stable sampling across all adjacent perspectives, and let the corresponding tests be executed on best representatives platforms, theoretically covering 99.5% of potential future usage. Now, let any opposites conglomerate, and hold their best fit tempo, until the sounds dissolve into […]

Tester’s Pedal Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

The tool you’ve been waiting for! Function: When you push the pedal a random input will be sent to the machine, and thereby your application. By default, a sample of error-prone inputs are available (e.g. ASCII 30, double-click, Unicode, beep) The nifty thing is to be able to do this rapidly, On-Demand, in unexpected situations, […]

Long live the Waterfall Martin Jansson 8 Comments

A cheer to those of you who were able to attend this conferance: My favorites: Thank god everyone is not a believer of the hype around the Agile Movement. Process is king!