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The hidden project stakeholders Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

This was originally a response to Rikard’s post “Multi-Dimensional Software Testing”, but here I have developed my thoughts a bit. As I see it, there are more or less obvious stakeholders and stakeholders that might be more or less hidden. A “customer” might be such an obvious stakeholder. It might then just be a matter […]

Persuading about Exploratory Testing: The provocative-analogy way Henrik Emilsson 1 Comment

This is my reply to the thread “Persuading about Exploratory Methods” in This starts out with the problem that it is sometimes hard to persuade a manager about Exploratory Testing, when all that matters to the manager is that tests ought to be documented (in order to know what should be tested, how many […]

Test Plan – an unnecessary artefact? Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

Well, it is always controversial to criticise the making of the Test Plan ( ). But here is an attempt that will leave some open questions for further discussions. According to my experience, a test plan is a mandatory document that test managers and test leads often promote but seldom question. Sometimes it is promoted […]