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Using gamification to explain and model testing Martin Jansson 2 Comments

In early 2013 I held a 7 week course on setting up a testing organisation that works well in an agile context. My intent was to explain my own approach and model of how testing is conducted, I wanted the students to see that they needed to create their own. For each part of the course […]

Double testing – converging or diverging models in testing Martin Jansson 6 Comments

I have experienced that many test leads, managers and project managers are worried about something called double testing. In short, it is the idea that some tester is testing the same thing as another tester. The term double testing might be a local term, but then you know it by another name with same properties […]

Many Models – Better Test Ideas Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Henrik Emilsson has convinced me that skilled software testing is based on invisible mental models that help us see what can be tested. If we can make these visible, we can sharpen our skills, and also teach testing more effectively. Here follows a simple example I used in class, that shows that by switching between […]

A Hot Model That Excites Me Torbjörn Ryber 7 Comments

When I meet testers I often ask what test design techniques they use on a regular basis. I am really curious which of the techniques that I know of that they use and I am always looking for new material. I have taught test design classes to maybe a thousand people over the years and […]

It’s better with no model than ONE model Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

It has been said by many, but I heard it from Fiona Charles: “don’t ever fall in love with your model”, and this is a warning I want to elaborate. A model is a powerful way to understand how the system works, and thereby also how it can fail. But a model can also narrow […]