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The Best Product in the World Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

I recently acquired the best product in the world, for me. It is a Victorinox serrated multi-purpose chef’s knife that I use to slice bread. In 2000, chefs around the world voted it as the best knife in the world. I want to go one step further, and name it the best product in the […]

Ignoratio elenchi Henrik Emilsson 6 Comments

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we could come up with a Quality Value for our products?”  said a colleague of mine. “Yes! That would be super!” me and a couple of colleagues answered. We had a lot of categories and data in our bug system; and perhaps most important was that we had a good data […]

The List Is Not Enough Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

If you just do what’s on the list of things to do, I think you can accomplish decent things, but nothing great. I don’t dare saying this is a general truth for everybody creating something new, so let’s focus on software development. There are many management models, and many of them boils down to something […]

More Definitions of Quality Rikard Edgren 12 Comments

I grew up in a small “town” in Värmland. Outside the village, most people live in isolated houses/farms on the countryside or in the woods. If you’d ask one of these persons what quality is, they would answer: dä ä väl att fôlk töcker att dä ä bra (guess it’s that people like it) This […]

Multidimensional Subjectivity in Software Testing Henrik Emilsson 8 Comments

I use Jerry Weinberg’s definition of quality: “Quality is value to some person”; and I use Cem Kaner’s extension to the definition so that it becomes “Quality is value to some person (that matters)”… I.e. quality is inherently subjective. And there are a lot of persons that are affected by software that we produce… With this in […]