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Testing Examples Rikard Edgren 8 Comments

I believe we need a lot more examples of software testing. They will be key in transferring tacit knowledge (they will not be all that is required, but an important part.) They work best when done live, so you can discuss, but that doesn’t scale very well. So I have created a few examples in […]

Scenario Testing, Karlstad 2012 Rikard Edgren No Comments

I have been doing and teaching quite a lot of scenario testing lately. I have been surprised by the ease and speed, and ability to find important problems, (also giving an embryo to a compelling bug report.) Maybe it can be useful for you as well, probably as a complementary technique, or as a powerful […]

Misunderstood Soap Opera Testing Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Some years ago I read about Soap Opera testing too hastily, and started using it at work being convinced that it meant the following: A soap opera test involves normal operations, but a large amount of them, for a long time. As in the TV shows, they go on, and on, and on, and on, […]