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System definition and confidence in the system Martin Jansson No Comments

As a tester, part of your mission should be to inform your stakeholders about issues that might threaten the value of the system/solution. But what if you as a tester do not know the boundary of the system? What if you base your confidence of the result of your testing on a fraction of what […]

Testing is blocked? Martin Jansson No Comments

Sometimes when I read status reports or hear project managers talk about testing, I hear that “testing is blocked”. What do they mean by that? When I delve deeper in what they are talking about I sometimes see that the progress on workpackages for the testing team or testers in a team have been combined with […]

Status Reporting Questions Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

Status reporting of testing activities is extremely project-dependent. The needs of when and how and what will differ every time. Maybe that’s why there’s so little good writing about status communication; you have to make it up every time. Templates are out of the question, and I believe examples will mislead you as well. You’re […]

All-Purpose Quality Status Report Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Generic test report:  DateTime ID Author Time for writing report Time maintaining scripts for generating report Application Under Test Areas tested For each area: Blockers Testers Tester mood Tests planned Tests executed Tests passed Tests failed Tests remaining (untested+fail) Bugs found, per priority Old bugs status (priority, severity, tester, assignee, days active) Bug resolution aggregation […]

Software Testing Storytelling Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Storytelling has been rising for quite some years and it will soon boom for software testing. The reason is simple: people like stories. And if it is used as status reporting instead of lame numbers, it is a step in the right direction, to say the least. But when testing this idea theoretically, I find […]

Highlights from SWET2 the test eye 1 Comment

The delegates of the second Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing (Test Planning and Status Reporting for Exploratory Testing) were: Henrik Andersson, Azin Bergman, Robert Bergqvist, Sigge Birgisson, Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, Ola Hyltén, Martin Jansson, Johan Jonasson, Saam Koroorian, Simon Morley, Torbjörn Ryber, Fredrik Scheja, Christin Wiedemann, Steve Öberg Discussions on peer conferences can’t be […]

Thoughts from SWET2 Torbjörn Ryber 14 Comments

Once again I have spent the weekend with members of the cream of Swedish testers. This time The Test Eye trio consisting of Henrik Emilsson, Martin Jansson and Rikard Edgren were the hosts. The theme was Exploratory Testing and Planning and we managed to keep the discussions within that scope most of the scheduled sessions. […]

Lateral Tester Exercise I – Status Report Virus Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

I’m re-reading deBono’s excellent Lateral Thinking. Here is a Generate Alternatives exercise for software testers; try to think of as many different alternatives as possible. There is no right answer, the focus is to train yourself in re-structuring information. And at the same time come up with many different ideas that might generate fruitful thoughts. […]