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Common Sense Partitioning Rikard Edgren 9 Comments

– I saw you tested “42”. How come you didn’t try “43”? – That’s obvious. It would be the same. No need to test something that would give the same result. – OK, so I guess you are familiar with equivalence partitioning? – Beg your pardon? It is quite often said that testers don’t know […]

test design technique name competition Rikard Edgren 16 Comments

When I read about the “classic” test design techniques, I don’t recognize the way I come up with test ideas. Sure, the implicit equivalence partitioning is used pretty often, and I get happy the few times a state model is appropriate, but the testing I perform seldom has the unit/component focus that these techniques have. […]

A Hot Model That Excites Me Torbjörn Ryber 7 Comments

When I meet testers I often ask what test design techniques they use on a regular basis. I am really curious which of the techniques that I know of that they use and I am always looking for new material. I have taught test design classes to maybe a thousand people over the years and […]