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Critique of Test Design Axioms in The Tester’s Pocketbook Rikard Edgren No Comments

The Tester’s Pocketbook by Paul Gerrard is not a great book, but it is very good. It covers fundamentals of software testing, and contains a ton of good ideas that will help you in your testing effort. I also like it because it is one of few books on testing theory that focus on the […]

The Little Black Book on Test Design Rikard Edgren 15 Comments

During my first paternity leave I learned sourdough baking. During the second I couldn’t help writing an ambitious paper, or a small book, about people-oriented test design, about things beyond test design techniques, close to the exploratory testing tradition. It can be downloaded here. It contains collections of knowledge, and generalizations of my ten years […]

No Flourishes and New Connections Heuristics Rikard Edgren No Comments

I used to be a bit skeptic towards the word “heuristic”. It seemed needlessly advanced, and things are possible to explain in other words. But when I read Gigerenzer’s Gut Feelings about how to catch a flying ball, it all came together. For software testing, which can’t be complete, is dependent on many factors, with […]

A symptomatic ISTQB definition Rikard Edgren 12 Comments

There are some discussions about current certification schemes, but there is not so much attacks and defense of the actual content. This is from ISTQB Glossary 2.1: black box test design technique: Procedure to derive and/or select test cases based on an analysis of the specification, either functional or non-functional, of a component or system […]