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Exploratory test plans? Martin Jansson 4 Comments

How would a test plan be constructed that is for exploratory testing? I would assume it is different from a traditional test plan? Would we use concepts such as entry/exit criteria for test? I would never say No to a build to test. Skipping entry/exit criteria. I guess it also has to do with the […]

Is it possible to create a generic Test Strategy? Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

The short answer goes: No, of course you can’t! Once upon a time, I got the possibility to read a test strategy document written by a business colleague of mine. The strategy was a 47 pages document that tried to cover all aspects of testing that I guess would apply to all projects; because in […]

Test Plan – an unnecessary artefact? Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

Well, it is always controversial to criticise the making of the Test Plan ( ). But here is an attempt that will leave some open questions for further discussions. According to my experience, a test plan is a mandatory document that test managers and test leads often promote but seldom question. Sometimes it is promoted […]