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Test Strategy Checklist Rikard Edgren 9 Comments

In Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi, I included a checklist for test strategy content. It can be used in order to get inspired about what might be included in a test strategy (regardless if it is in your head, in a document, or said in a conversation.) I use it in two ways: To double-check […]

Lots of test strategy Rikard Edgren No Comments

I have been doing lots on test strategy the last year. Some talks, a EuroSTAR tutorial, blog entries, a small book in Swedish, teaching at higher vocational studies, and of course test strategies in real projects. The definition I use is more concrete than many others. I want a strategy for a project, not for […]

Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

I am quite proud to announce a new free e-book about test strategy. It contains ideas Henrik Emilsson and I have have discussed for years. It is not a textbook, but it contains many examples and material that hopefully will inspire your own test strategies (the careful reader will recognize stuff from this blog and […]

Kahneman and Test Strategy Bias Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

Our minds are fantastic, but can be biased and make dubious decisions. As I read Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, I thought about test strategy and found some interesting stuff, based on mistakes I have seen, and done. Answering An Easier Question “How could we possibly test everything important?” is a very difficult question. It […]

What Is a Good Test Strategy? Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

To me, a test strategy is about “what to test and how” and “ideas that guide testing towards the testing missions“. It is an ongoing process, not necessarily a document, and important for the results of the test effort. A good test strategy should be unique for the situation, but there are som general properties […]

10 Years of Lousy Test Strategies Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

For the first 10 years of my testing career I wrote lousy test strategies. I believe the actual test strategies, what we tested and how, were adequate, but the way it was communicated, as part of test plans, was not good. As many strategies, they more or less just stated different functionalities, and that they […]

Is it possible to create a generic Test Strategy? Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

The short answer goes: No, of course you can’t! Once upon a time, I got the possibility to read a test strategy document written by a business colleague of mine. The strategy was a 47 pages document that tried to cover all aspects of testing that I guess would apply to all projects; because in […]