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Robin Hood Test Courses Martin Jansson No Comments

Introduction James Bach has written about Sweden and its testers like this: “In my world, ‘Swedish tester’ is becoming a stock phrase, like ‘French chef’ or ‘Swiss banker’ or ‘Antarean starship captain’ (You want your hyperdrive fixed right? Go see an Antarean). I’m not entirely sure why this is, but part of it is their […]

Do we all want black coffee? Henrik Andersson 10 Comments

We, testers, are we all alike? Looking back over the years I’ve been involved in testing, I would say I have met a whole bunch of different testers. Some shared my passion and fascination for testing, others were not testers they just happened to have the job title. However, I have always appreciated our craft […]

There are no testers that are the best Martin Jansson 7 Comments

In a recent discussion with Henrik Andersson on Twitter regarding some consultancies being or claiming to be best at testing. Here is the initial conversation: Henrik: Dear consultant companies why are you calling yourself consultant when all you talk about are recourses and invoiced hours. Shame on you! Henrik: Many “consultant” companies claim to be […]

What’s so special about software testing? Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

There are some things about software testing that are special, but not unique: * you are never done, and there is always something to do * you have to be creative very often * you are dependent on new, different and conflicting technologies, users, objectives It’s not easy to be a tester, thank God for […]

The dodgy test lead Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

Not too long ago I had a test lead that I pretty soon recognised as someone that didn’t share my philosophy in software testing. One day I reported to him that I had run all regression tests that were assigned to me. All tests were executed on the same build (we had monthly iterations and […]

Recruiting testers is not an easy task Martin Jansson 3 Comments

From what I have seen there are few recruiters that know what testers and test leads do. Considering that we had a EuroSTAR focusing on defining the profession can be seen as that testing as a profession is quite new and can therefore be considered immature. Many recruiters look for a certain set of skills, […]