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Announcing 37 Sources for Test Ideas the test eye 6 Comments

Download! It is often stated, with right, that you should use many, different information sources in order to come up with good test ideas. Rob Sabourin uses 10 categories, HICCUPPS(F) can be used not only as oracles, and Cem Kaner has many examples in various presentations and tutorials. We decided to make our own list […]

Multiple Information Sources Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

When I wrote blog post The Complete List of Testing Inspiration, I didn’t think so much about many testing efforts being totally based on requirements and specifications. I took for granted that we know that requirements are incomplete and wrong, and that we should learn from many places. But when reading a good book such […]

The Complete List of Testing Inspiration Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

It is often said, with right, that you need to consider a lot more than the explicit requirements in order to be able to test a product well. Often a few examples are included, e.g. something about the customer needs, or the necessity of reading the code, or knowing the technology the software operates in, […]

It’s better with no model than ONE model Rikard Edgren 4 Comments

It has been said by many, but I heard it from Fiona Charles: “don’t ever fall in love with your model”, and this is a warning I want to elaborate. A model is a powerful way to understand how the system works, and thereby also how it can fail. But a model can also narrow […]