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The 100th thought from the test eye the test eye 3 Comments

Today we celebrate our 100th post on this blog! It has been an interesting journey for us so far; and we realize that we have only begun this ride, a ride with no destination but to enrich ourselves with wisdom and knowledge through discussions and by sharing thoughts. And you, our readers, are a very […]

YouTube Premiere! Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

At EuroStar 2008 I presented Testing is an Island – A Software Testing Dystopia. Fritz shot the pictures, Henrik wrote the music, and I uploaded it on YouTube: The accompanying paper can be found at

Notes from EuroSTAR 2008 Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

This years EuroSTAR took place in den Haag, a city that had quite some rain, but also beautiful autumn leaves, and big churches. The theme of the conference was “The Future of Software Testing”, and a recurring image was a traffic sign informing that the future is next turn to the right. I always thought […]

A Software Testing Dystopia Rikard Edgren No Comments

At EuroSTAR 2008 in Haag I will present “Testing is an Island – A Software Testing Dystopia”. The paper can be downloaded at The inspiration was the theme of the conference: “the future of software testing”; and I couldn’t stop seeing a very boring profession, where numbers and so-called objectivity is more important than people […]