Test Strategy Checklist Rikard Edgren

In Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi, I included a checklist for test strategy content. It can be used in order to get inspired about what might be included in a test strategy (regardless if it is in your head, in a document, or said in a conversation.)

I use it in two ways:

  • To double-check that I have thought about the important things in my test strategy
  • To draw out more information when I review/dicuss others’ test strategies

It might be useful to you, in other ways, and the English translation can be downloaded here.

Special thanks to Per Klingnäs, who told me to expand on this, and Henrik Emilsson, who continuously give me important thoughts and feedback.

Chris Millar March 24th, 2015

Great stuff Rikard, I’m working on a test strategy at the moment, so I printed out the english translation and immediately started using it. Thanks.

Some other content we might want in our test strategy –

Testability – What testability might we want in our product and will the development team be able to help us with this?

Automation – Might your test strategy want to consider whether there is a role automation, and whether we can justify it, considering how often the tests are to be repeated, number of input permutations etc?

Variability – What aspects of the product(s) to be tested are we proposing to vary. e.g what browsers, operating systems etc.

A few typos :

stakeholders “That are the names” should be “What are the names”

test methods – “Can you motivate your choices?” – Do you mean justify your choices?

oracles – “a problem or notinte”

testers – “form others” should be “from others”

how testers think – “indivuals” – individuals

test tool – “Have you na,ed names?” – I assume you meant “named names”

omitted – “Does stakeholders” – “Do stakeholders”

quality characteristics – “what does the quality” – “what do the quality”

priorities – “be several persons” – “by several people”

Rikard Edgren March 25th, 2015

Thanks a lot, Chris!

Very good suggestions, and I had to make a 1.1 version at once.
I emphasized testability in a quality characteristics question; put an automation-triggering question in testers. Maybe Variabilty should be a new area, but for the time being it became just a “more variations” addition to test methods (not perfectly happy with this, but at least something.)
And thanks a lot for the proof reading!

When you use this, make sure to say “nah, don’t need this” a lot, otherwise your strategy might become too long.

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Kashif Siraj April 3rd, 2015

I read a following statement.
“As testers, we are also interested in looking at defects found in other projects, so that we can improve our processes. Process improvements should prevent those defects recurring and, as a consequence, improve the quality of future systems.” but good example at the end of this statement was missing.
what could be an example, that will explain statement?

Rikard Edgren April 23rd, 2015

Hi Kashif

I don’t know the context for this statement and can’t really know what they meant.
But one example could be to create a product-specific error catalogue; typical bugs that easily occur in the systems we build. This could be used as a check list for developers, already in the design phase.


Amandeep Singh December 6th, 2015

Great resource, Rikard.

A very good starting point for any newbie (and even experienced ones) to consider when putting up test strategy for a project.


sofia hunt March 3rd, 2016

Very informative post and it was quite helpful to me. I also wrote something on similar lines -http://bit.ly/1Ta7Hkv

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