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System definition and confidence in the system Martin Jansson No Comments

As a tester, part of your mission should be to inform your stakeholders about issues that might threaten the value of the system/solution. But what if you as a tester do not know the boundary of the system? What if you base your confidence of the result of your testing on a fraction of what […]

Project managers asking the right questions to the testers Martin Jansson 2 Comments

Project managers have a great impact in our daily work and can often affect how we work, thus what is meaningful or not. Background Several years ago I was involved in an organization which was split on several sites in different countries. Project members were not co-located, instead they were split up on different sites. […]

Growing test teams: Progress Martin Jansson 2 Comments

A lot of these ideas come from Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. As I see it, they realised it is easier to show things that will stop the growth instead of listing things that will actually create the team. Jelled teams are created when many of the factors have been eliminated that stop […]

Decisions around the product release – part 2 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

How is information handled around the decisions for the product release? There are many different situations around this, the following is what I’ve experienced and my tips and tricks. In many cases there is no information available or rather it is not presented to the decision makers. It also common that the information is not […]

Decisions around the product release – part 1 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Who makes the decision that the product is ready for release? There are many different cases of this situation, here are a few examples. In some companies it is the QA department that makes this decision. This means that it is QA that takes the risk for the release. It also means that if something […]

Anything revolutionary happening with the status reports? Martin Jansson 7 Comments

I seldom see discussion about our status reports. I refer to the reports that we write for the release, iteration, build and so on. There are several templates and standards out on the internet but I have not read any ground breaking updates in that area for a long time. Many might see the status […]