We are three former colleagues that started working with software testing in the late 90’s.

Besides several years of tester experience, we have also worked as project managers, team leaders, technical staff, interaction designers, localization engineers, test managers.

Running a blog together is a good way to keep in touch and also sharpen our minds at the same time.

We love testing and we love talking about it.

Best regards,
Rikard, Henrik, Martin

Update 2010-05-25: We have now invited some of our friends that we think will contribute to the blog in a positive way. (See below for presentations).



Henrik Emilsson

In love with Cem Kaner; member of the context-driven school of testing; likes the “ARxTA” approach; eats vegetarian food; creates electronic music; watch football; digs the work of Cem KanerJerry Weinberg, James Bach, Michael Bolton, Edward de Bono, Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister; lives in Karlstad, Sweden; loves software testing…
Arranging Let’s Test conference in 2012 – www.lets-test.com



Rikard Edgren

One of the best testers in northern Europe using a holistic-subjective approach to software testing, with a fondness for creative test ideas.
Have studied philosophy (fan of Kierkegaards subjectivity), writes child songs on guitar, bakes sourdough bread.


Martin Jansson

A strong supporter of the context-driven school. Is interested in most aspects of testing (management, planning, execution etc). While not testing he is cooking, working on his 100-year old house and spending time with his wife, son and daughter. Martin probably has the best forehand throw in Ultimate Frisbee.

For more detailed information see my linkedin profile.


Torbjörn Ryber

He was one of the first people to take the ISEB  practitioner certificate in Sweden. A few years after that he took the  Rapid Software Testing class with James Bach and had a revelation of  what really good testing was all about. He is the author of the book  Essential Software Test Design and a former chairman of SAST in  Stockholm. Recently stayed up all night with colleague Pablo drinking  red wine and playing music and ended up buying a ukulele. Owner of some 400 dice and uses the dice game in his testing classes.