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Story telling and week[end|night] testing Martin Jansson No Comments

Story telling is an important part of testing. It is a part where you communicate and tell a compelling story what information you found at. Each story needs a scene in which it plays. Some of you might have attended the weekend or weeknight test sessions, some might have attended classes in testing where they […]

Working with the testing debt – part 3 Martin Jansson 3 Comments

This is a follow-up from Working with the testing debt – part 1 [1] and part 2 [2]. The reason for the clarification is that you so easily come up with a tip without a context or example. Tip 3: Grow into a jelled team (read Peopleware [3] by Timothy Lister and Tom deMarco for […]

The Best Product in the World Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

I recently acquired the best product in the world, for me. It is a Victorinox serrated multi-purpose chef’s knife that I use to slice bread. In 2000, chefs around the world voted it as the best knife in the world. I want to go one step further, and name it the best product in the […]