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thetesteye reunited! the test eye 4 Comments

After some years on different workplaces Henrik, Martin and Rikard have now joined forces at Nordic Medtest, a non-profit company working with digital infrastructure in Swedish healthcare. We have a lot of important work to do, so there are no guarantees for more frequent updates on this blog, but the chances are at least bigger. […]

Translations of Quality Characteristics the test eye 7 Comments

To our delight,, Software Quality Characteristics have been translated to five languages. Not only have these people created more words describing aspects of quality, they have also developed their own understanding. Dutch – Software Kwaliteits Kenmerken (Huib Schoots, Ruud Cox, Ray Oei, Zeger van Hese, Jean-Paul Varwijk, Jeanne Hofmans) Polish – Charakterystyki jakości oprogramowania (Radosław […]

1000 Comments on TheTestEye the test eye 6 Comments

Very soon the 1000th comment will be published on Comments are our main reason for writing blog posts, because they take our thinking further. Our ideas are challenged, taken in other directions, opening new possibilities (and closing some…) Thank you!! To celebrate this, we will reward the author of the 1000th valid comment with […]

37 Sources now in Swedish the test eye 4 Comments

We have now finalized the Swedish translation of 37 Sources for Test Ideas. Neither the translation nor the original is perfect, but we think they can be useful to many. If you are interested in translating 37 Sources, or Software Quality Characteristics (Swedish version), let us know. Cheers, Henrik, Martin & Rikard

Regarding comments the test eye No Comments

Due to all spam comments not being stopped by our automatic checkers, we are unfortunately forced to moderate all comments. We will do this as quick as possible, but there might be some delay before your comment appears. Hope that you understand this, from our point of view, drastic decision. Cheers, Henrik, Martin & Rikard

Announcing 37 Sources for Test Ideas the test eye 6 Comments

Download! It is often stated, with right, that you should use many, different information sources in order to come up with good test ideas. Rob Sabourin uses 10 categories, HICCUPPS(F) can be used not only as oracles, and Cem Kaner has many examples in various presentations and tutorials. We decided to make our own list […]

Software Quality Characteristics 1.1 the test eye 5 Comments

A year has passed since we released version 1.0 of our quality model without metrics. It is time for a new version, with additions and corrections we have learned over the year (and a Swedish translation!) 1.1 English 1.1 Swedish 1.0 English Feedback is always welcome! /Rikard, Henrik, Martin

Highlights from SWET2 the test eye 1 Comment

The delegates of the second Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing (Test Planning and Status Reporting for Exploratory Testing) were: Henrik Andersson, Azin Bergman, Robert Bergqvist, Sigge Birgisson, Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, Ola Hyltén, Martin Jansson, Johan Jonasson, Saam Koroorian, Simon Morley, Torbjörn Ryber, Fredrik Scheja, Christin Wiedemann, Steve Öberg Discussions on peer conferences can’t be […]

Stories from EuroSTAR TestLab 2010 the test eye 4 Comments

Monday Henrik started his journey by car from Karlstad and went down to Gothenburg to join with Martin. Both of us were going to take the train down to Copenhagen. Not surprisingly there were delays and the train was cancelled… Instead we headed back to Martin’s house and loaded Henrik’s car and took off. After […]

Software Quality Characteristics 1.0 the test eye 4 Comments

With all due respect, this is the announcement of the perhaps most powerful public two-page document in the history of software testing. It is an extended re-write of James Bach’s Quality Criteria Categories, and has been developed to 12 categories (CRUCSPIC STMP) and 93 sub-categories for software quality characteristics/attributes/factors/dimensions/properties/criteria/aspects. This list is not objectively true, […]