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How I Write Conference Abstracts Rikard Edgren No Comments

I guess some of you are writing, or thinking about writing, abstracts for EuroSTAR 2013, deadline is at 13 February. You should do this, not just because Alan said so. You should do it because you want to tell stories, enhance your own understanding of something that is important to you. This is my process […]

Notes from Øredev 2011 Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

I spent two days in Malmö attending a developer conference with a fantastic test track (put together by Sigge Birgisson.) I did a presentation on Curing Our Binary Disease (slides, abstract), which was much better received than I hoped for (I thought it was a binary love/hate talk) Good questions and talk about being inside […]

Trilogy of a Skilled Eye Rikard Edgren No Comments

I have completed a trilogy on the theme The Eye of a Skilled Software Tester edition 1: Lightning Talk, Danish Alliance, EuroSTAR 2010 edition 2: Article, The Testing Planet, March 2011 – Issue 4 edition 3: Presentation, Scandinavian Developer Conference, april 2011 Some things have changed over time; in the first two I didn’t focus […]

Emerging Topics at CAST 2011 Henrik Emilsson No Comments

Even if most of the program is set, there is still a chance for you to talk at CAST 2011. Matt Heusser and Pete Walen is running the Emerging Topics session: If you would like to speak at CAST 2011, you still have the option of proposing a twenty-minute emerging topics session. (Emerging topics are anything […]

Stories from EuroSTAR TestLab 2010 the test eye 4 Comments

Monday Henrik started his journey by car from Karlstad and went down to Gothenburg to join with Martin. Both of us were going to take the train down to Copenhagen. Not surprisingly there were delays and the train was cancelled… Instead we headed back to Martin’s house and loaded Henrik’s car and took off. After […]

Notes from EuroSTAR 2010 Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

EuroSTAR 2010 took place during the coldest Copenhagen November in 140 years. Being a program committee member it was a bit different, but not a lot; I met a lot of interesting people, spent too little time in the test lab, and listened to thought-worthy presentations (+ 11 Danish Alliance Lightning Talks.) The theme was […]

EuroSTAR Test Lab Apprentices Henrik Emilsson 7 Comments

Last week, me and Martin won the competition “The EuroSTAR Test Lab Apprentices”! Read more at: See you in the Test Lab in Copenhagen! Cheers, Henrik & Martin

Notes from EuroSTAR 2009 Rikard Edgren 5 Comments

It was Stockholm again this year. Good to not have to travel far, but since you are travelling I wouldn’t object to something more exotic, and warmer. Next year it is Copenhagen, again. I had a full-packed program with 4 days of tutorials, workshops, tracks, short talks, test-labbing, conversations, so in total it is quite […]

Long live the Waterfall Martin Jansson 8 Comments

A cheer to those of you who were able to attend this conferance: My favorites: Thank god everyone is not a believer of the hype around the Agile Movement. Process is king!

Notes from Øredev 2008 Rikard Edgren No Comments

I spent one day at Øredev 2008 ( since they invited me to give the Where Testing Creativity Grows ( presentation. I arrived ten minutes after the start of James Bach’s keynote The Renaissance Thinker, where he argued that 1972 (Chapel Hill) ruined good software testing. People started focusing too much on templates, processes, best […]