Trilogy of a Skilled Eye Rikard Edgren

I have completed a trilogy on the theme The Eye of a Skilled Software Tester

edition 1: Lightning Talk, Danish Alliance, EuroSTAR 2010

edition 2: Article, The Testing Planet, March 2011 – Issue 4

edition 3: Presentation, Scandinavian Developer Conference, april 2011

Some things have changed over time; in the first two I didn’t focus on the most important “look at many places”, besides specifications we need to know about business usage, technology, environments, taxonomies, problem history, standards, test analysis heuristics, quality characteristics, and more…

I also did the necessary switch from errors/bugs to problems; because it is broader, and better pinpointing the psychological paradox: “want to see problems“, things that make Done further away.

While at it, I uploaded a presentation from SAST Öresund yesterday.
77 Test Idea Triggers, a presentation I’d be happy to give again!

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