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Growing test teams: Progress Martin Jansson 2 Comments

A lot of these ideas come from Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. As I see it, they realised it is easier to show things that will stop the growth instead of listing things that will actually create the team. Jelled teams are created when many of the factors have been eliminated that stop […]

Alternative usage of Test Process Improvement Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

Last week I attended SAST VÄST seminar (Gothenburg section of Swedish Assocation for Software Testing) with two interesting presentations. One of them was about experiences of TPI, Test Process Improvement, and a sneak peek of the improved TPI Next. I am not fond of TPI, or TMM, or CMM, or anything else that tries to […]

Agile vs. agile Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

This was originally meant as an answer to the (ironic) thread where a new thread was forked when Ola Janson launched a couple of questions regarding agile development. My answers and thoughts on those questions are listed here. In one reply to Ola, Rikard says that he has “…never worked in a truly Agile project…” […]

Imperial life in the emerald city Henrik Emilsson No Comments

I need to recommend a great book by Rajiv Chandrasekaran: Imperial Life in the Emerald City. The reason I recommend this book on this blog is that the more I think of it, the more I think it resembles the way how certain processes or methods are implemented in the sofware industry without taking the […]

The irony of TMM Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

At one time, I worked as a tester at a company that claims to be at TMM-level 4 (perhaps 5). Two things struck me: Firstly, the quality of the actual testing performed on this company was not as good as one could expect from a company that have produced software for over 20 years. Secondly, […]