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Do we all want black coffee? Henrik Andersson 10 Comments

We, testers, are we all alike? Looking back over the years I’ve been involved in testing, I would say I have met a whole bunch of different testers. Some shared my passion and fascination for testing, others were not testers they just happened to have the job title. However, I have always appreciated our craft […]

Being Typecast and breaking out Henrik Emilsson 3 Comments

Typecasting is the process by which a film, TV, or stage actor is strongly identified with a specific character, one or more particular roles, or characters with the same traits or ethnic grouping. For many actors this has been a nightmare, even if they have earned a fortune on it. I believe that some of […]

Systems outside the testing radar Martin Jansson 3 Comments

When is a system small, non-complex or unprioritzed enough not to be tested? If there is a test organisation working on the bigger system that will be released to customer, what happens to the other smaller systems then? Is it so that they are almost always left untested? I usually identify these as applications that are created by one […]

The dodgy test lead Henrik Emilsson 5 Comments

Not too long ago I had a test lead that I pretty soon recognised as someone that didn’t share my philosophy in software testing. One day I reported to him that I had run all regression tests that were assigned to me. All tests were executed on the same build (we had monthly iterations and […]

Observations from combining tester with other roles Martin Jansson 4 Comments

This article is about combining the role of the tester with other roles. These are observations based on my own experiences. I’ve not studied any books or other articles about this. I assume that each role has its own mind set, focus and goals. I will try to identify the agendas and possible mind sets […]