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If testing is easy, you’re doing something wrong Rikard Edgren No Comments

At EuroSTAR 2019 I was co-speaking with Henrik Emilsson on a half-day tutorial on using quality characteristics.My favorite parts of these intense events are the questions when you don’t know what will happen.In one of these I ended my answer with “if testing is easy, you’re doing something wrong”.I remember how happy I was with […]

thetesteye reunited! the test eye 4 Comments

After some years on different workplaces Henrik, Martin and Rikard have now joined forces at Nordic Medtest, a non-profit company working with digital infrastructure in Swedish healthcare. We have a lot of important work to do, so there are no guarantees for more frequent updates on this blog, but the chances are at least bigger. […]

New, new perspectives (EuroSTAR 2015 Lightning Talk) Rikard Edgren No Comments

I believe one of the most important traits of testers is that we bring new perspectives, new ideas about what is relevant. I probably believe this from my experiences from the first development team I joined, so I will tell you about the future by telling an old story. This was in Gothenburg, 15 years […]

Lessons learned from growing test communities Martin Jansson 3 Comments

Background In 2011-2012 a friend, Steve Öberg, started a local community with a few test friends. We talked about testing, sharing experiences and discussing/arguing about various test topics. It was a great initiative, but I wanted something more and bigger. I had a discussion with Emily Bache, who run a local meetup on programming. She […]

Using gamification to explain and model testing Martin Jansson 2 Comments

In early 2013 I held a 7 week course on setting up a testing organisation that works well in an agile context. My intent was to explain my own approach and model of how testing is conducted, I wanted the students to see that they needed to create their own. For each part of the course […]

10 Years of Lousy Test Strategies Rikard Edgren 7 Comments

For the first 10 years of my testing career I wrote lousy test strategies. I believe the actual test strategies, what we tested and how, were adequate, but the way it was communicated, as part of test plans, was not good. As many strategies, they more or less just stated different functionalities, and that they […]

Robin Hood Test Courses Martin Jansson No Comments

Introduction James Bach has written about Sweden and its testers like this: “In my world, ‘Swedish tester’ is becoming a stock phrase, like ‘French chef’ or ‘Swiss banker’ or ‘Antarean starship captain’ (You want your hyperdrive fixed right? Go see an Antarean). I’m not entirely sure why this is, but part of it is their […]

Reflection from Let’s Testlab 2013 Martin Jansson 1 Comment

Planning a test lab takes a lot more time than you think. You prepare a lot of things and try to make the event great. Here are a few things that I considered … What applications/systems to test? how many would be enough? what type of system? how big or complex? are they fun to […]

Wolf Pack – a collaborative test compilation Martin Jansson 2 Comments

You are part of a pack of wolves. You are hungry and have not found food for several weeks. When you move, you run covering lots of ground quickly. You are out hunting, cooperating and collaborating with the rest of your pack. You are seeking the big game, not a flea, nor a rabbit or […]

1000 Comments on TheTestEye the test eye 6 Comments

Very soon the 1000th comment will be published on thetesteye.com. Comments are our main reason for writing blog posts, because they take our thinking further. Our ideas are challenged, taken in other directions, opening new possibilities (and closing some…) Thank you!! To celebrate this, we will reward the author of the 1000th valid comment with […]