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Lightweight Performance Testing Rikard Edgren 3 Comments

If performance is crucial for product success, you probably need pretty advanced tools to measure various aspects of your product, to find all bottlenecks and time thiefs. For all other software, performance is just very important, and you might get by with lightweight test methods. You may, or may not have quantified performance requirements, but […]

Don´t hustle my flag! Henrik Andersson 7 Comments

I´m sure you have heard it before. Everyone can test or Everyone does testing. Is that so? Is that really the case? Do you test just because you use a product? Do you test just because you stumble upon a bug? Do you test just because you can write some detailed step into a test […]

Critique of Test Design Axioms in The Tester’s Pocketbook Rikard Edgren No Comments

The Tester’s Pocketbook by Paul Gerrard is not a great book, but it is very good. It covers fundamentals of software testing, and contains a ton of good ideas that will help you in your testing effort. I also like it because it is one of few books on testing theory that focus on the […]

Bug Title Crash Course Rikard Edgren 6 Comments

If you want to seriously improve your bug reporting skills, read up, or take, the BBST Bug Advocacy course. If you want to start by improving bug report title/subject/summary; read Lessons Learned in Software Testing, no, 83, or this blog post. Many people will only read the title, so it is important to make it […]