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Are you a Thought Lead or a Thought Peer? Henrik Andersson 13 Comments

Many of us has a title that is connected to what we do at work. Every now and then I come across titles that makes me wonder what it really means. This time it is one that has been around for some time now: Thought Lead, what does this mean? I would not be suprised […]

Lateral Tester Exercise III – Something Completely Different Rikard Edgren 2 Comments

You can learn a lot by testing something very different from your normal job. I’d love to professionally test a suggested law, or a chainsaw. For now, I give you an opportunity to test a bread recipe, in English or Swedish. FAVORITE SOURDOUGH BREAD FAVORITBRÖDET It should be possible to bake from it if you […]

More thoughts on checks Martin Jansson 4 Comments

Scripted testing vs exploratory testing approach I agree with the idea of a polarization between the scripted test approach and exploratory test approach. These approaches include how you perceive testing and a tester. Almost in the same sentence, some say that you do a bit of both scripted and exploratory testing. The perception on testing […]