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Seven Categories of Requirements Rikard Edgren 9 Comments

I like to use categorizations to structure my understanding of a subject; and after the simplifications are made and I think I understand it well; the structures can be ripped apart, and you get a bit less confused by the complexity of reality. There are many forms of requirements, these are some a tester should […]

The power of a sound Martin Jansson 1 Comment

In my local food store they have this system where you scan the price tags on the food you buy and most often smoothly able to pay and exit without having to stay in any long queues. A time back they must have changed software in these scanners because their behavior changed and bugginess increased. […]

Are we ashamed of software testing? (And who is willing to pay for it?) Henrik Emilsson 1 Comment

Imagine that you run a software consultant shop where you take on projects for customers. The projects cover such areas as new software development; implementations of IT systems; and web site development. Let’s say that you are about to create a offer for a new project to a customer. Do you dare to specify the […]

Automate configuration checks while testing Martin Jansson Comments Off on Automate configuration checks while testing

I assume you are familiar with the discussion around checks vs testing brought to you by Michael Bolton, which I agree with. With configuration I mean settings on a unit such as settings for whatever you are testing. This can be configuration heavy devices such as switch, router or similar using SNMP, applications using the registry or applications using […]

Growing test teams: Progress Martin Jansson 2 Comments

A lot of these ideas come from Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. As I see it, they realised it is easier to show things that will stop the growth instead of listing things that will actually create the team. Jelled teams are created when many of the factors have been eliminated that stop […]