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Imperial life in the emerald city Henrik Emilsson No Comments

I need to recommend a great book by Rajiv Chandrasekaran: Imperial Life in the Emerald City. The reason I recommend this book on this blog is that the more I think of it, the more I think it resembles the way how certain processes or methods are implemented in the sofware industry without taking the […]

Measurements/Metrics/Analysis/Judgment Rikard Edgren 1 Comment

At you can read “Metrics that are not valid are dangerous.” I believe this is true, but I would rather prefer “Metrics are dangerous.” Uninterpreted measurements are not bad by themselves, but when value is added to them, they become metrics, and dangerous because they state specific things without considering a lot of other things, that […]

I like Adhocracy, therefore I am an Adhocrat Henrik Emilsson 4 Comments

I stumbled on a Wikipedia-article about Adhocracy today, and it made me think about software development methods and software development organizations. Here are my thoughts… Heavy-weight development processes strive for being more and more formal and thereby (intentionally or unintentionally) turning the organization into a bureaucracy. Whereas light-weight development methods seem to strive for the […]