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Some Nifty Windows Tools Rikard Edgren No Comments

Here are some small, free, nifty tools I use now and then: FreeMind – to model and communicate WinMerge – to diff or merge files or folders Process Hacker – to monitor resource usage Process Monitor – to monitor registry and disk activities InCtrl5 – for installation testing (what happended to Install Analyzer??) Fiddler/Wireshark – to see […]

New tool – WordFreq Martin Jansson 3 Comments

A disclaimer… I am no developer, but I have developed a tool. As I develop I have the mindset of a developer, not the tester. I have done lots of mistakes, intentionally not implemented good/needed things and considered what parts I can get away with in the first release. This tool might not seem big and […]

Tool site – Windows Sysinternals Henrik Emilsson No Comments

I would like to remind you all about the Sysinternals tool site, which now reside on Microsoft Technet, and is called Windows Sysinternals. Old favourites like RegMon and FileMon can be found here; so also the new gems PsTools, Process Explorer and Strings. Great tools for testers on Windows platforms!